Vunjo VICOBA Sustainable Development Agency

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The Vunjo VICOBA Limited is a small, Village Community Bank (VICOBA) located in Himo, Tanzania. It serves the financial needs of over 4,000 rural Tanzanians by assisting them in building small businesses and teaching members how to save funds to cover costs related to school for their children and health care. 

Established in 2007, Vunjo VICOBA is going on six years of continued service in the Moshi-Marangu-Himo area of Tanzania. They have the capacity to expand and serve even more clients, but lack the funding to do so. By charging 10% on microloans, they can only cover their operating costs at the moment. The bank and it staff very much want to extend more lines of credit to increase the bank’s revenue, but those funds do not exist for them.

BUT: You can help! As little as $6 will provide a microloan to one person. For this organization, every penny actually does make a difference! So click here:

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